*Measure with the tailgate closed*

Sportz Truck Tent

Welcome to camping, reinvented. Forget worrying about finding the perfect spot, setup camp anywhere under the stars right in your pickup. With a large front door, nearly 6ft of head room, rear access window, full tent floor, and an extendable awning, everything about the Sportz Series says premium. With a simple 15 minute setup and included rainfly, you’ll be ready to take on any adventure, regardless of the conditions.

Note: During assembly, ensure the tailgate pole is set-up on the outside of the tailgate wires.


Gear Loft, Pocket, and Lantern Holder

Spacious Interior with 5.7ft of Headroom

4x4ft Awning Rolls Up When Not In Use

Rear Access Window for Access to Your Truck Cab


2 Persons


Truck model dependent

Center Height

5.7' - 5.8'


23 - 26lbs


Blue & Gray

No. of Doors


No. of Windows


No. of Poles (Tent)

6 Shock Corded Fiberglass

No. of Poles (Awning)

2 Shock Corded Fiberglass, 2 Steel

Storm Flaps

Yes - Windows & Doors

Water Proofing

1200mm PU Coating

Wall and Roof Material

Polyester Taffeta

Window Material

Polyester Mesh

Floor Material

Polyester Oxford

Rainfly Material

Polyester Tafetta w/ Taped Seams

Rear Access Panel




Seasons for Use

Spring, Summer, Fall

Storage Room

Gear Loft, Gear Pocket, Lantern Holder


1 Year

Begin by measuring the bed of your truck with the tailgate closed. Our sizing guides will help you determine which tent is compatible with your truck. Our website also displays a sizing chart for your convenience.

Yes. The tent will work with a sprayed, mat, or prefabricated liner.

No. Truck Tents will not work as long as the camper shell/cap is assembled. Napier SUV Tents are the best option as long as the height from the ground to the highest point of the cap window/door does not exceed 80”.

Yes. One person is able to set up a Napier Truck Tent, however we do recommend having assistance during the first set-up. The first set-up should take approximately 15 minutes and about 10 minutes each time thereafter. Each tent comes with set-up instructions and color-coded poles for easy assembly.

Our truck tents will fit over Roll-Up Tonneau Covers if the rolled-up tonneau cover is less than 6” high

No. Driving with the tent mounted to your vehicle may cause personal injury and/or damage to your tent and truck.

Railings will work as long as they are less than 3” tall. Roll and sports bars must be removed.

Please refer to the Warranty section on the website.

Yes. We recommend placing the tent over the toolbox to minimize the amount of water that could enter between the box and the tent. It is also recommended to cover the corners of the toolbox to protect the tent from ripping on sharp edges. Please note that you will lose the amount of space that the toolbox occupies.

As long as the back rack does not intrude onto the rails of the truck too far, it should not impact the functionality of the tent. Please email customerservice@napieroutdoors.com with a photo or the exact model of your back rack to determine if the rack is compatible.

Our tents already have a water-resistant coating on them. However, the coating may wear down over time and you may want to spray a water repellent coating onto the tent and rainfly after a few years of use. For additional protection and product maintenance, you may wish to use a seam sealant on your tent.

There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty.  Please consult the Warranty section on the website.

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  • Avatar

    Jim Mockler

    Does it fit a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado? I have the pin number if that helps. Thank youI have a 18,019 Chevrolet Colorado and wonder if one of these campers would fit my vehicle. I have the Vin number for that helps. Please call or text thanks.

    January 22, 2023
  • Avatar

    David jones

    I have a sports truck tent. I just got but only numbers I can find is 95002. Can you give me any information regarding this product like a set of instructions and what vehicles this may go to

    January 20, 2023
  • Avatar

    Michael Syewart

    Just looking at reviews I’m not the only person that had the gray pole break ordered and paid for a new one. $15 shipping a little much for something breaking first use plus paying for the pole. But still I love this thing.

    October 24, 2022
  • Avatar

    Don Oxford

    I bought the Model #57022 tent because it is a fraction of the price of a good slide in truck camper. And, at 70+ years old, i didn’t want to deal with my heavier canvas ground bell tent.
    I just finished a weekend camping trip on Lake Pat Mayse to fish a local club bass tournament. I’m not trying to get sponsored or sell you on the tent. It has many more positive points than negative.
    We camped in the lake’s RV campsite area with tall trees forming a canopy. Severe storms rolled in the 2nd night. The tent did withstand the thunderstorms and wind, and didn’t get wet inside until i had to open it up to take it down in the rain.
    I’m 6’4″ tall and enjoyed the 5’8″ interior height, and could sleep comfortably since the tent was made to accommodate my 6’6″ truck bed length, and even extended further over the dropped tail gate, giving extra room for storage and stretching out.
    I was able to easily disconnect the straps around the tailgate and remove the rear tent support rod to raise the tailgate. That allowed me to drive with the tent still installed and tow my boat to/from the launch ramp.
    It took a while to figure out the first time set up even after watching the instruction video (several times). I was very concerned about breaking the fiberglass support rods when flexing them to fit into their holders, especially the long gray rod over the entry vestibule. I tried to minimize the strain on that and other rods by making sure the rod was centered in its sleeve before flexing it to insert into the end tabs. That helped but I’m still concerned about the long gray rod breaking as it has the greatest stress from flexing. I will order a replacement to be ready for that possibility.
    I’m also concerned about the durability of the elastic inside the rods. Definitely carrying duct tape to be prepared for that to break.
    The rain fly rests on the side windows, preventing air circulation. This might be due to my setting up the tension on the side straps wrong. But, i can remedy that by adding guide ropes under the rainfly to each side to give more clearance and air flow.
    After returning home, I set the tent up again to let it dry out. I cleaned it and packed it away for the next use.
    Bottom line is I really like the tent, the truck tent concept, and the ease of set up (the second time around). The air flow without the rain fly and with the entry & side windows open makes sleeping very comfortable. The screens do a great job of keeping the bugs out. And, i like the ability to move short distances at lower speeds with the tent installed (such as from campsite to boat ramp). I don’t have experience with other brands of truck tents, but, even though some improvements could be made, i am satisfied with the quality of this Napier tent.

    October 18, 2022
  • Avatar


    Definitely not made for 67 y/o woman with hand disabilities, I can put together a “ground “ tent a lot easier. But I love the concept, to get off the ground, climbing up instead of getting down to ground level.

    October 14, 2022
  • Avatar


    Love the tent. Have gotten a lot better at the set-up and breakdown. One issue was the gray pole over the entry splintered on our second use. A replacement was easy to get, but rather annoying that the quality was so poor to splinter on the second use. This seems to be an issue judging by other reviews with a similar problem.

    October 12, 2022
  • Avatar

    Don McBride

    Love this tent! This is my 2nd one. in about 6 years. It get used a ton on the weekends. I race motocross and it’s great because it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s easy to set up, just be careful with the front pole. It is the weak point in the tent. I have broke it a few times. The nice thing is they sell replacement poles pretty cheap. I now keep a spare one with me at all times.
    It is amazing in the rain if you put the rain fly on. I’ve had 2″ of rain and not got wet at all. The design works well since all the rain flows outside of the truck bed. I love this tent and use it all the time.

    September 30, 2022
  • Avatar

    James Naughton

    On my 2nd tent going on 6 years. Used 7 weeks a year. Great tent but the vestibule support rod does not last very long. Just ordered 2 so I have a spare. The tent is awesome!

    September 5, 2022
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Stephen Olson

    We have set this tent today second time and the pole bent. No pressure at all. How can you remedy this problem? We have purchased the mattress and am very upset that it failed.

    September 3, 2022
  • Avatar

    Wayne Cosgrove

    Absolutley Love this tent for my truck! My girlfriend bought as a gift! Used it 4 times this summer already…. HOWEVER…. I have issues with both grey poles….. The shorter towards the truck cab the elastic band broke making it a real paint to use! And the larger grey pole snapped!! I followed the instructions to a “T” and even played the video while we set up. Is there somewhere I can get both poles replaced???


    August 8, 2022

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